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Welcome to EMSL Analytical Inc.’s AccreditedTestingLab.com website. We have launched this site to promote the relevance and significance of proper accreditations and certifications for all analyses performed by a laboratory network. At EMSL Analytical, Inc., we take great pride in our compliance with industry accreditations and strive to surpass minimal guidelines in order to provide the highest analytical quality possible.

Within the EMSL network, you can rest assured that we have acquired the necessary credentials to analyze your samples. Along with holding widely recognized accreditations such as NVLAP, AIHA, LELAP, and NELAP, we also hold various state certifications and we continue to proactively add to our qualifications simply because we feel that it is necessary to meet our clients’ needs. As your needs evolve, EMSL is committed to evolving with you in order to support your analytical needs.

So, what exactly is accreditation and how does it affect your results?

Accreditation is typically defined as an official, documented recognition of proficiency that a specific laboratory can perform analyses within a determined scope. Due to the nature of the accrediting process, a quality system must be in place in order to ensure compliance to rules, regulations, policies and procedures, as the validity of the analytical test results are dependant upon:

1) Employees

2) Equipment

3) Measurement Traceability

4) Environmental Conditions

5) Validations

6) Presence of a Quality Manual

7) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

8) Internal & External Audits

9) Corrective Action Program

10) Documented Training

The categories listed above as well as many others have a significant role within the overall laboratory quality system.


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